Adventures of an Erudite Herring (a tale for grownups) @ Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

by Times Newsroom

A comic monologue by Konstantinos Dedes, based on a humorous article of 1890

From January 17th, 2019 and for just 12 performances

at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 21.30 / Cinema Hall

The surrealist monologue by Konstantinos Dedes, “Adventures of an erudite herring”, deals with the complex problem of refugees, uprooting and diversity. With the changes of a person both inside and out, in times of an economic crisis. A fairy tale based on a humorous 1890 article in a type of language that is called “katharevousa” – a rich language that has become obsolete and is linked to the recent Greek history. The monologue was first presented at the ATLAS festival of the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus at the Hellenic Maritime Museum.

A herring … that is going to be smoked!

the captivity “As if we were blind, we fell into the fishing nets of Norwegian fishermen, three thousand herrings in total, navigating the Baltic Sea in enormous shoals and we were captured, the fools …”

the voyage and the friends “Once upon a time a young herring, friend of mine, caught in the fishing nets but having managed to escape, told me that she had heard horrible things from the mouth of our ruthless persecutors.”

her arrival at the port of Piraeus, Troumba and the surrounding districts

“A fierce wind blew me away from the filthy gutter where I was thrown into, towards a neighbourhood called Troumba. What my eyes saw, but especially what my ears heard, it’s beyond description… “

Love and the end


  • Vivian Kontomari in the role of the Herring
  • Musical performance: Melina Delikou


  • Direction | Costume design | Music curation: Konstantinos Dedes
  • Choreography: Anastasia Georgalas
  • Animation: Babis Alexiadis
  • Set design: Eleni Deliyanni
  • Light design: Vangelis Mountrihas
  • Dramaturgy: Chara Lianou
  • Assistant director: Sevasmia Kontosakou
  • Leather accessories: Aumorfia | Theano Potamianou
  • Make-up/hairstyle design: Dazzlin’Gal
  • Sketches: Aristea Manou
  • Set construction: SET FREDDY
  • Costume construction: Georgia Taflaba
  • Production: Epi Skinis
  • Photos: Georgia Theodorou
  • Trailer Production | Teaser: Panos Stergiou
  • Editing: Iakovos Avdoulos

Special thanks to Stavros Tsoumanis for his precious help

The show is under the auspices of Hellenic Maritime Museum

and is dedicated to acclaimed Greek actress Jessie Papoutsi


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